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prices start from £20 per user per month

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Fully Customised IT Support Set Up
Back up and GDPR Compliance
Proactive Cyber Security
Remote IT Solutions

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Why Outside Help?

We are a passionate and creative IT support partner. Our four directors bring a wealth of knowledge from corporate environments, working on high-level infrastructure, allowing us to bring that expertise to you and your business. As we get to know you, we’ll tailor our IT services to meet your business needs whatever they are.

We are a Microsoft Silver partner – which means we have access to all their authorised training material and that all our staff are fully trained Microsoft trainers! We can provide you with on-premise or in house training if you sign up for our Gold package, or help you remotely on our Silver and Bronze packages. Our previous clients have spanned estate agents, legal services and local businesses. 

We have four directors in our business with over 100 years of IT expertise between us and are experts in cyber and security and Microsoft software. We don’t have an office, we work from anywhere via the Cloud, and we think you should be able to as well! Our services will always be reliable, cloud- and security-focused. 

We are real people, and a local business ourselves, we will always give our expert advice to promote operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness first and foremost. 

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You are in safe hands

Proud to be partnered with these with industry leaders

You are in safe hands

Proud to be partnered with these with industry leaders

Our Services Include

Microsoft 365 Productivity Suite

Complete set up of IT Suite

Ongoing IT Support

Security for your IT devices

Data Backup

Complete System Management

Employee IT Training

Advanced IT Support

prices start from £20 per user per month

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Zero touch fixes


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Our Story

I'm Chris Ashton

I am the founder of Outside Help.

IT systems, for most people, can be baffling and overwhelming. IT is often over-complex and completely daunting, and I’m here to tell you, that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Over the last 20+ years, I have helped countless friends, colleagues and global businesses with their IT business challenges. From helping my Aunt Sarah in the UK set up a printer on her ancient laptop remotely in Australia, to delivery of global programmes of complex IT change, for some of the world’s largest companies. Time and time again, I have discovered that the vast majority of people just don’t get on with IT.

That’s why I started Outside Help.

it support for small businesses

More than IT

Our Values

A 'people' company
As your friendly neighbourhood IT support provider, we put people first. You won't have to sit through any mind-numbingly boring techy meetings with us! We strive to build strong personal relationships with you and your business. We have a genuine want to see you thrive and we aren't afraid to show it!
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Customer Testimonials

Our Work

We pride ourselves on our customer service, our fast response times, our simple communication and our clear processes that provide the best solution, save you time, money, and make your small business future proof. See what our lovely customers say about us!


  • Save time and effort with a fully managed infrastructure
  • Access cutting edge industry knowledge
  • Take control over how your business operates


Not everyone is an expert in IT, it’s a complex environment and there are a plethora of moving parts. IT infrastructure like computer systems, technology assets, the legal stuff like data compliance and GDPR, business data protection and continuity, cyber security – the list goes on! Professional full range IT solutions marry these systems and processes together to create a flexible way to manage your small business, reliably and safely, from anywhere in a way that supports your future growth.

  • DIY IT exposes your business to potential risks
  • Have peace of mind that a team of experts is just a phone call away
  • Partner with us for an affordable solution to your IT woes


Historically, small businesses often choose to support themselves either to save themselves money. However, they can expose themselves to legal risk and reputational risk; cyber attack, data leaks, legal action – we shudder to think! But there is a solution! Choose an IT support company like Outside Help you with your IT challenges, and you know you’ll be in safe hands. We’ll save you valuable time by managing the whole system for you at an affordable cost; keep your IT costs lean and mean and your business running smoothly.

Not everyone is an expert in IT, but we are! We have been doing this for a long time, in some of the world’s largest enterprises. By bringing large enterprise skills into the small/medium business we deliver flexibility, security and reliability and we do this in a personable and approachable way. Because not only are we experts in IT we are interested in people. So we also don’t just quietly hide in the background, we are quirky, fun and bold and we love getting involved. We will get to know you and your business. Your vision becomes our vision, we are here to say yes so that you can focus on what you do best.

  • Support solutions for all your technology assets
  • Keep your data properly protected
  • Virus, firewall and phishing protection with cyber security training


An IT company like Outside Help provides fully managed desktop services that secure, stabilise and maintain the business technology assets (phones, laptops, computers) on a monthly subscription basis. They may or may not also provide security services like anti-virus, firewall, phishing alert software (i.e DNS filtering), on site or virtual cyber security training for your team, as we do as Microsoft Partner. Many IT companies will prefer to work with larger organisations, whereas we are specialist professionals trained to provide bespoke support for small businesses looking at future growth.