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Our Values

Here at Outside Help, we care about our external environment, our local community, and the way we work as individuals.

Why we do this

The human side to IT

An IT company should go beyond IT support services. A reliable company that cares about the bigger picture is more likely to fit perfectly into your business, deliver proactive support solutions that work for your organisation and provide great customer service.

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Every day, the outside helpers are looking for ways to be involved, support or raise awareness for groups and charities within the community. We’re proud to provide support to these critical and amazing charities that give so much back to the community.

Our Grieving Hearts

Our Grieving Hearts celebrated its 10th anniversary, offering hope and help following the devastating loss of a precious son or daughter.

We are so proud to have helped Our Grieving Hearts at their working party at Butterfly Meadows, a place of tranquillity for parents who have lost their children. The volunteers worked tirelessly to restore this beautiful garden.

The relaxing afternoon for bereaved parents, grandparents, siblings and Butterfly Meadow Brentwood volunteers saw a dove release courtesy of Jane Bennett of Bennetts Funeral Directors Ltd.

Our team is looking forward to the next working party and contributing more to this amazing and important project. Many thanks to everyone involved.


At Outside Help, we want to be green. As a new, small and local London company we believe you need to be keen on the green! Our goal is to promote sustainable development and low-carbon business practices globally through our sustainable business practices and cloud-enabled technologies and remote services.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw how the world changed and how certain things changed for the better. There were clear waters in the Venice Canals with dolphins swimming in them, blue skies over the usually smoggy Delhi and wild animals roaming around the quiet streets of locked-down London. If the environment can change in this small about of time, why can’t things change for good forever?

We put our green where our mouth is when it comes to helping the planet. We focus on practices such as working from home (yes we don’t have ANY offices) which reduces travel, no printing (I mean we are a technology company, we can’t possibly use paper!), out-sourcing from local suppliers, like our recycled material business cards, and of course recycling and re-using as much as possible.

We have partnered with Phoenix FM and their charities such as Hopefield Animal Sanctuary and Butterfly Meadow, to give back to the environment and so Outside Help can also work on Helping the Outside!

Mental Health

At Outside Help, we are committed to our clients’ mental health. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

While we keep computers healthy we are dedicated to keeping our people healthy. Running initiatives for our team such as Mental Health Mondays gives us a chance to reset, warm-up, catch up and ease into the week and the work ahead; making sure our team has the best start to the working week. However, mental health to us means more than initiatives. But what actually is mental health? We’ve all heard of the phrase and the broad range of movements finally being talked about but with such an extensive umbrella term of so many different issues, problems and illnesses, where do you start to help?

Mental health isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. It can affect the young, old, male, female and with our team being all the aforementioned, we are learning from each other on the most important question of all – how can I help?

Now obviously we aren’t professionals but along the way, we have found things that work for us. We are a lifeline for Business IT support so why can’t we be a lifeline to support each other? We’d like to bring a new meaning to the IT service desk!

We know that remote working can help with family commitments and juggling the pressures of home life with work life with ease. You can work from a place you can feel safe and that is tailored to your needs without the stresses of outside life interrupting your happy environment.

No questions asked. Have an appointment to get to? Go. Need to take a personal day? Take it. Have an important phone call you’ve been waiting for? Answer it. We trust each other to do our work and look after ourselves at the same time. Outside Help can provide the tools to take your business on the go, for if or when you need to. Sometimes it’s a tricky balance but we believe when you have people there to support you, balancing goes from walking on a tightrope in the sky to standing on one leg – it still takes work but it’s much easier.

Open-ended bereavement, regular work breaks, correct work station set up, flexible hours, team retreats, in-house workshops, learning webinars, confidential support, in house, trained mental health first aider… the list is endless for what we can and want to do to help. While we are still learning, we do all we can to grow and be better.

No one should have to face it alone, Outside Help is here to help.

For more information on Mental Health visit or #everymindmatters.

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  • Save time and effort with a fully managed infrastructure
  • Access cutting edge industry knowledge
  • Take control over how your business operates


Not everyone is an expert in IT, it’s a complex environment and there are a plethora of moving parts. IT infrastructure like computer systems, technology assets, the legal stuff like data compliance and GDPR, business data protection and continuity, cyber security – the list goes on! Professional full range IT solutions marry these systems and processes together to create a flexible way to manage your small business, reliably and safely, from anywhere in a way that supports your future growth.

  • DIY IT exposes your business to potential risks
  • Have peace of mind that a team of experts is just a phone call away
  • Partner with us for an affordable solution to your IT woes


Historically, small businesses often choose to support themselves either to save themselves money. However, they can expose themselves to legal risk and reputational risk; cyber attack, data leaks, legal action – we shudder to think! But there is a solution! Choose an IT support company like Outside Help you with your IT challenges, and you know you’ll be in safe hands. We’ll save you valuable time by managing the whole system for you at an affordable cost; keep your IT costs lean and mean and your business running smoothly.

Not everyone is an expert in IT, but we are! We have been doing this for a long time, in some of the world’s largest enterprises. By bringing large enterprise skills into the small/medium business we deliver flexibility, security and reliability and we do this in a personable and approachable way. Because not only are we experts in IT we are interested in people. So we also don’t just quietly hide in the background, we are quirky, fun and bold and we love getting involved. We will get to know you and your business. Your vision becomes our vision, we are here to say yes so that you can focus on what you do best.

  • Support solutions for all your technology assets
  • Keep your data properly protected
  • Virus, firewall and phishing protection with cyber security training


An IT company like Outside Help provides fully managed desktop services that secure, stabilise and maintain the business technology assets (phones, laptops, computers) on a monthly subscription basis. They may or may not also provide security services like anti-virus, firewall, phishing alert software (i.e DNS filtering), on site or virtual cyber security training for your team, as we do as Microsoft Partner. Many IT companies will prefer to work with larger organisations, whereas we are specialist professionals trained to provide bespoke support for small businesses looking at future growth.

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